Stelter: Sean Hannity is Unpatriotic

Speaking of CNN's media critic.....

CNN's Brian Stelter came out and said that Fox News host Sean Hannity is unpatriotic, because he is helping Donald Trump promote is "rigged" election claim.

Of course most people understand that the only reason Trump is making those claims, is to give himself an excuse, for losing to a woman in the election. When Trump loses, he'll be able to cite the fact that he said it was a "rigged" election and that he, "told you so."

But Stelter says that people like Hannity and Bill O'Reilly that let Trump make those claims, without pushing back, are wrong and yes, even "unpatriotic" for not doing so. 

Stelter vs. Hannity is sort of like watching Isis vs. Aids, it's impossible to root for a winner. It's two on cable news' biggest egos going head to head and listening to themselves talk.

Here's Stelter calling out Sean Hannity: