Trump Selfie Reporter Gone From the Station?

Last week, FTVLive told you about KCRG (Cedar Rapids) Reporter Brady Smith and his selfie with Donald Trump.

After we posted the story, Smith wrote and email to FTVLive saying he would take the selfie with Trump in a heartbeat, even if he had no plans on voting for The Donald.

We tried to explain how taking the selfie was not a good idea and saying who you would or would not vote for, as a TV Reporter was a really bad idea. 

Well now sources tell FTVLive that Mr. Smith is no longer at the Gray owned station. His bio has been scrubbed from the station's website.

If Smith is no longer employed at a television station, then posting selfies and telling people who your voting for is perfectly acceptable. 

The rules are different for Journalist and you kind of have to accept that if that's the job you decide to do.