Megyn Kelly is Playing her Cards Right

It sure appears that Megyn Kelly is on a roll. 

The Fox News Anchor has seemed to be making the right calls and it's making her look like a genius. 

When the sexual harassment allegations came out against Fox News boss Roger Ailes, many of the talent jumped in to defend Ailes and question whether any of that stuff ever happened?

Kelly remained silent and did not jump on the Ailes bandwagon. 

Now that the bandwagon has crashed and burned and Ailes is gone from Fox News, Kelly looks good in the 20/20 hindsight mirror. 

Then there is Donald Trump.

While Sean Hannity, Howard Kurtz, Greta Van Susteren and the gang at Fox and Friends have almost broken their arm patting Trump on the back and promoting him. Kelly again stayed away.

She did have a brief lapse when she courted Trump for her prime time special, but it didn't last long and she was back to not backing the orange guy. 

Now, that Trump's campaign is imploding and he is saying things that are so damaging and proving that he does not have a presidential bone in his body, even Sean Hannity is slowly (very slowly) removing his lips from Trump's ass. 

He still is not happy that Clinton will likely win, but at least he's handling it in a very mature way:

By the end, Fox and Friends will be the only one left supporting this guy (just because those people have no soul).

As Trump supporters wise up and start running as fast as they can before the explosion. Megyn Kelly can sit by with a big grin on her face. 

She's been on a roll making the right calls and he could pay off big for her in the end. 

And when Donald Trump pulls out of this election, because he will not be able to stand losing to a women. One woman will come out looking really good. 

That women is Megyn Kelly.