Little Rock Reporter Signs off for the Natty

A little Rock Reporter has signed off from the station and you'll never guess why?

If you guessed To take a job closer to her family...move to the front on the line. 

After two years KATV Reporter Alexis Rogers is leaving for a job in Ohio — a move she says will allow her to be closer to family.

In a Facebook post, Rogers said she had fulfilled her final duties at Little Rock’s ABC affiliate.

The University of Missouri graduate had been a reporter for the station since July 2014 and previously worked as an anchor and reporter for NBC affiliate KOMU-TV in Columbia, Mo., according to her resume.

“Thank you guys so much for welcoming me into your homes every evening and for teaching me so much about myself, love and respect,” Rogers said of her time in Arkansas. “I hope you all fell in love with me, too.”

On Wednesday evening, the broadcast reporter from the Chicago area made her future plans clear.

“Queen City, here I come,” Rogers said, referencing her new morning job at NBC affiliate WLWT  in Cincinnati. “I am thankful for the opportunity to share your stories. Really excited to be back in the Midwest, closer to family… Little Rock will continue to hold a special place in my heart.”

H/T Arkansas Online