Getting Screwed

WHNT (Huntsville) Anchor Christine Killimayer is getting screwed.

The station announced that starting on Monday, they will be launching a new 4PM newscast with Anchors Christine Killimayer and Greg Screws. 

“I’m so honored to have this opportunity,” said Killimayer. “I just don’t know who I made mad to get stuck with Screws.”

“Honestly, though, Screws is one of my favorite people (yeah, because everyone calls their favorite people by their last name) in the newsroom and working with him will be a blast for both me and the viewer. We have a fantastic crew creating this newscast from our producer, Tiffany, to our director, Tater, to everyone in between and I’m stoked for it to start.”

Greg echoed that sentiment.

“I’m excited to be a part of this news expansion. It’s a great thing to bring all the news to people who want and need it on all our platforms.”

“Christine is a joy to work with each day, he added. “We’re basically the same person and really enjoy working together.”

The station says that Tiffany Morris will produce WHNT News 19 at 4:00 p.m.  A veteran of our station, Tiffany joined our team in 2005 after graduating from Auburn.  Around the newsroom, we see her buckle down with a keen focus during breaking news and severe weather coverage.  She also has a creative streak and plans to work all of these elements into this brand new hour of news.

In other words, the station is not hiring anymore people, even though they are expanding the news. So Tiffany will have to get creative trying to fill a big news hole.

Good luck with that.