Boston Sports Anchor Suffers Brain Aneurysm

WCVB Sports Anchor Bob Halloran was not feeling well, but he continued to do his job.

Halloran filed his report and did his live shots from the New England Patriots’ training camp last Thursday. But while doing the reports, Halloran had an awful migraine.

So after his work was done, Halloran headed to see his doctor about the migraine

You may have noticed a familiar face missing from SportsCenter 5 for the last week.

It turns out, Halloran had a brain aneurysm and was taken in to surgery. 

Thankfully, the surgeries and procedures appear to be a success and although, Halloran has a ways to go, doctors say he is expected to make a full recovery.

The gang here at FTVLive (OK just Rory and I) are wishing Bob a speedy recovery and we expect to see him on the sidelines again, helping Tom Brady deflate footballs soon. 

Get Well Bob!