Reporter Saves Man from On Coming Train

This is why you don't have one man bands working in TV News. 

A Reporter for Alpha News was able to save a man that had fallen while crossing some train tracks. The man fell, hit is head and was lying on the tracks as the train was coming. 

Alpha News Reporter Julia Erynn was at the Minneapolis City Hall reporting on protests that had taken place there earlier that morning was getting read to shoot a stand up. 

Erynn, who works as one man band, saw the man fall and ran to his rescue. 

You can see in the video below that Erynn immediately drop her microphone when she hears the man yelling for help. Off-screen, she jumped onto the tracks as the trains sounded their horns frantically as they neared the scene.

Erynn was able to pull the man to safety.  Erynn said, “The man was losing blood at an alarming rate.”

Once she leaves the camera's view to help the main, you can only hear and not see what is going on. 

Of course, if she had a Photographer, the rescue would have been caught on video and this would have been a much bigger story. 

Damn OMB's!