LAR at Fox News

As Fox News moves into LAR, or Life After Roger it seems that the big boss is ready to put Ailes in the rear view mirror and move forward. 

During the quarterly conference call, Fox Co-Executive Chairman Lachlan Murdoch (pictured) appeared to have little worry about Ailes ouster and looked to the future. 

Murdoch started off the conference call, "Two weeks ago we received and accepted Roger Ailes resignation as CEO of the business and our father took up the responsibility of leading Fox News as chairman and acting CEO. Throughout this process we have moved quickly and decisively  to protect the business, to protect its employees, and to protect the unique and important voice Fox broadcasts. There is no one more dedicated or more able to transition Fox News to new leadership than its founder. As acting CEO he joins an existing team that is extraordinarily strong and equally devoted to its success."

There is no doubt that referring to his dad Rupert as the "founder" of Fox News that it was a dig at Ailes. 

With the conventions over and TV viewing getting back to normal, Fox News was back at the top of the ratings. On Tuesday night, Fox News beat CNN and MSNBC combined in the ratings. 

FNC pulled in 3,230,000 viewers, which topped CNN by a million and a half. Fox also topped CNN in the demos by about 200,000.

So far LAR is pretty much the same at Fox News.