Petition asking Fox News to Fire Bill O'Reilly and Bill Shine

There is a petition on the internet that wants Fox News to fire the Bill's from the network. 

The online petition which has about 40,000 signatures is asking Fox News to fire both Bill O'Reilly and newly installed new boss Bill Shine. 

The petition started by feminist site UltraViolet says that, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly was just named in a huge sexual harassment lawsuit--by fellow Fox News host Andrea Tantaros.
The details of the lawsuit are nauseating. O'Reilly tried to lure Tantaros into his home and kept asking her to show him her "wild side."

That's not all--Tantaros also claims that the new CEO, Bill Shine, knew about O'Reilly's and former harasser-in-chief Roger Ailes's behavior and told her to "let this one go." Clearly, Fox isn't done putting women in danger.

Fox News responded to Tantaros lawsuit yesterday, calling her  a wannabe opportunist and not a victim. 

UltraViolet says they will deliver the petition to Fox News.