Well Would You Look at that.....

Last week, FTVLive FIRST told you that Fox O&O (AKA The Firm) was this/close to naming Susan Schiller as their new News Director at KRIV in Houston. 

On August 24th, FTVLive wrote,"Sources say that the past several days, former KYW (Philly) ND, Susan Schiller has been at the station walking around.While it appears that no official offer has been made, sources say she’s at the top of The Firm's list."

Well The Firm has sent out a press release to their pets (not to FTVLive) confirming that Schiller has been hired as the new ND in Houston. 

Just as FTVLive predicted would happen. 

Schiller was pushed out from KYW back May of 2015. Since then she has been knocking on doors, looking for a new gig. FTVLive spies spotted her at a Harrisburg, PA station before being spotted at KRIV. 

She now lands at The Firm, where she will never be allowed to talk to any other media and will basically be watched like a hawk. I guess it beats unemployment, but not sure by how much. 

The good news for KRIV staffers, Schiller  will be a huge step up from previous News Director Bob Morford.