New GM Being Named Right Now at Ft. Myers Station (Updated)

FTVLIve was the FIRST to tell you that Les Vann was leaving two years after taking the GM job at WISH in Indianapolis. 

Sources now tell FTVLive that Vann is being named at a station wide meeting right now (4PM East Coast) at Scripps owned WFTX in Ft. Myers. 

We guessed at the time of Vann's departure that he was heading to a competitor of some kind. Since Scripps owns WRTV in Indy and he is headed to a Scripps station, FTVLive was on the money again. 

Look for some official word on his hiring soon and a press release will be sent out. At that time you will see the story on the other TV websites.

FTVLive just wanted to give it to you first. 

We know you're used to that.

Update (4:40PM): Now it's official  since Scripps has sent out the press release, which means, now the other guys will get around to the story.