Fox News in Settlement Talks with Women Claimed to have been Harassed

It looks like Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox is looking to put the Roger Ailes harassment problems in the past as quickly as they can. 

NY Mag's Gabriel Sherman says that the parent company of FNC is in settlement talks with 3 women who claimed to have been harassed by Ailes:

No reports on who the 3 are, but obviously, one is Gretchen Carlson, the former Fox News Anchor that got the harassment express rolling back in July. 

Carlson spoke out about Ailes harassing her and that led to Ailes being unseated at Fox News. 

There is a 3 year statute of limitation of harassment claims and while there could be more women involved, but their claims of harassment, might not have fallen in the 3 year window. 

It's clear that Fox News wants to get this behind them and do so as quietly as possible.