Another Failed Promise by a Local News Anchor

FTVLive spent a good part of the weekend in central Florida, playing some bad golf and eating french fries and chocolate cake for dinner. 

We also had the chance to watch some local news, which we do not do very often. While watching a morning newscast, WKMG in Orlando reported that police had found a body of what was believed to be a missing paddle boarder in a lake. Flipped over to WFTV, they said police would be resuming the search for the missing paddle boarder when the sun came up. Both stations had Reporters live at the scene, but WKMG was way ahead of WFTV with the information. 

In the evening, I watched WOFL Fox 35 and Anchor Sonni Abatta. Years ago, Sonni and I worked in Pittsburgh together, but at different stations. I never met her while in the Burgh and I have never met her now that we are both in Florida. But I did tune in to her newscast. 

During the newscast, Abatta tweeted back to FTVLive. 

Well, we stuck around for that entire newscast, just waiting for our "wink", it never came. Just another failed promise from local TV news. Sigh.....

We were so depressed about not getting our wink, we called down to room service and ordered up some more fries and cake. 

Needless to say, we felt much better.