Greta: How I became the villain?

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren was one of the first Fox News personalities to come out in support of former Fox News boss Roger Ailes, when Gretchen Carlson filed sexual harassment charges against him. 

Now she feels that she is being cast as the villain for, what she says, was speaking the truth. 

Van Susteren took to blog and wrote:

What I said I knew when the news broke on July 6 of her surprising sexual harassment lawsuit was true – I had never heard of any sexual harassment, it had not happened to me.  I was asked about my experience at Fox and I told it.  I included that Roger Ailes had never sexually harassed me.  That was true then,  and it remains true now.  I had never heard of it.

Plus, 200 miles away at the DC Bureau, I had never heard corporate gossip that this was going on with her or with anyone else. Period.  People in companies gossip – a lot – and people often come to me and tell me things because I do speak up, but no one did.

This is important: it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to her, it only meant when asked in early July I was telling what I knew.  Period.  I was surprised by it all as I am sure others were too.

This is also important: I was not someone who knew about any sexual harassment  and didn’t speak up.   Period.  Fox (like all major corporations) has for years had mandatory sexual harassment classes to tell employees what it is, how to speak up – and speaking up can be done anonymously.

Now – and this is absurd – it has been turned by some – Erik Wemple of the Washington Post – into me being some sort of villain and defender of Roger Ailes.  Nothing could be further from the truth. That is absurd.

This goes to a point that I have made many times on this blog – some reporters, with their own personal agendas, write what they want to believe….and even try to smear.  It is a disgraceful means to try to advance one’s career.  Rather than going out and doing real journalism, smear merchants come up with their own theories and their own bad motives and then 8assign them to someone else, here me.

That is what Erik Wemple of the Washington Post did….even suggesting I was immoral.  He says that I behaved as Ailes would have me behave.  That is his wild imagination – smear – as he sure doesn’t know me.

My “crime?”  Answering questions as to what I knew or didn’t know at the time. Answers that are still true today in that I did not know about it and had never heard about it and Gretchen never told me about it but had made a big impression on me with her unhappiness about another topic – being underutilized at Fox on air.

One last thing, Wimple (not sure if this is a typo or a dig by Greta?) says I should apologize.  I would like an apology from some women who knew about sexual harassment in the workplace years ago but did not slip an anonymous source note under the door of HR (yes anonymous without sufficient data to identify themselves.) That anonymous note might have prevented this from happening to other women, including Gretchen.

Now, as you many of you know, FTVLive is a fan of Greta and we think she is a very intelligent person. 

But, getting away from the whole Roger Ailes thing, we are perplexed as to why Van Susteren supports another loud old white guy and does not treat women correctly. 

Van Susteren has been a big supporter of Donald Trump. 

Polls show that most of Trump's supporters are white uneducated men.

Van Susteren is neither one of these. It seems strange that with all that Trump has said about and done to women that Van Susteren would support this guy?

I mean, I totally get Hannity and Trump love affair, it's the Greta/Trump romance that has me scratching my head. 

Van Susteren has had to listen to what Trump has said, his comments about banning and entire religion, that Mexicans are just thieves and murders. But, it's Trump's comments about women that just seem like it would give Van Susteren pause to support this guy. His demeaning comments and treatment of women is despicable. Yet, Van Susteren seems to be a champion for Trump. 

I just don't get it. 

I could see that her political views don't line up with Clinton's and I can totally understand that she doesn't or will not support her. 

But how, Greta Van Susteren, a very intelligent and bright person, can stand behind Donald Trump?

Of all the crazy stuff that has happened this election, this one thing surprises more than anything else. 

We're not saying that Van Susteren can't support Trump. The great thing about this country is that people get to pick and decide who they want to support. Everyone should vote as to how they feel and pick the person they want. 

It just surprises us that Greta would support a guy like Trump so openly. 

To each it's own I guess.