One Tweet Could Cost A Network Mega-Bucks

Social media should never be used lightly. FTVLive has reported on countless instances of 'brain fade' by people who should know better.

 Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter

There's probably no better example than what's going on in a courtroom right now between ESPN, reporter Adam Schefter and NY Giant's defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

Schefter tweeted a photo of Pierre-Paul's medical chart to more than 4-million followers. The problem, according to a Judge, is the tweet changed the public's knowledge of Pierre-Paul's injuries.

ESPN made a motion to dismiss the case and the Judge said, "No". Maybe ESPN and Schefter should ask each follower to donate $1 to try and cover the mistake? In the meantime, think twice before hitting 'send'.

H/T Sports Illustrated