Social Media #Fail In San Antonio

Every station knows they have to have successful digital and social presence in order to survive. One station in San Antonio needs to do some training for its digital producers.

Shots were reportedly fired at a restaurant and WOAI's digital team jumped into action, basically re-posting someone's photo/post on Instagram. Unfortunately, because their GM John Seabers is constantly on a witch hunt to capture someone leaking stories to FTVLive, no one is paying attention to the digital product.

Check out the hashtags the station posted on their website and Facebook pages for the story:

If you're hiring someone to be in charge of digital/social media, you'd think they'd know that if they copy the embed code from Instagram, it's going to recreate the original post. BUT WAIT, there's more. The genius at WOAI engaged viewers and the use of FTW. Urban use cites FTW as "For The Win", but it's also used as "Fuck The World". How about some common sense when dealing with the general public and avoid having to educate every consumer of the station's social media product?

Let's see if WOAI institutes some remedial training for people that are supposed to know what they're doing already? Or, will Seabers open another inquisition instead of concentrate on the product?

Stay tuned.