Time to Call Out Some More....

FTVLive has sat by and watched people steal, copy, lift, repurpose stories from FTVLive with no credit or attribution. 

We are no longer remaining silent and are calling people out. 

This morning TV spy reports that WOIO GM Dominic Mancuso is out as the GM of WOIO. Today is August 23rd....FTVLive FIRST (as in before anyone in the world) reported that same story on August 15th. 

News blues a website that lifts stories from FTVLive almost on a daily basis, reported the story a day later, using an exact quote from FTVLive. 

TV spy finally gets around to the story this morning and we do they credit? News blues.

Forget about ethics and doing what's right. These sites continue to pilfer FTVLive with no credit. And now, we will continue to call them out.