The Goal of FTVLive

Yesterday, I got an email from one of those blogs that just regurgitates press releases and doesn't actually break news. They wait for the news to be broken and then they move in on the story. 

Unfortunately, that is how many media blogs work. 

While exchanging emails with this guy, I tried to explain what FTVLive is and what are goals for this website are. 

I am going to post a portion of our email, to share it with some of you that might have just started reading FTVLive in the past few months (as we continue to grow with record traffic).

The guy that emailed FTVLive and said that FTVLive was at times "unnecessarily mean-spirited".

So we'll pick up our reply responding to this guy's claim: 

As for stories that are "unnecessarily mean-spirited" I 100% disagree. If you mean when FTVLive calls someone a bad boss is mean....I think it is justified. Never once were we "unnecessarily" mean. 

We are not going to kiss ass like so many of the other blogs. We are going to tell it the way it is and that's the bottom line. 

It's time someone spoke up and tried to at least call out the people that should be called out. Back when I started in TV news, it was a job that people looked up to. They don't do that anymore. Why? Because, it has become all about making money and getting ratings. Does a viewer walk away from a newscast feeling smarter? When Don Lemon or Bill O'Reilly have guests on that are just screaming at each other, how is that good for the viewer? What is the end game? 

My goals for FTVLive are like watching a show on HGTV. You know the show where they show up to a house that has rotted wood, holes in the floor and a falling ceiling. By the end of the show the rotted wood has been replaced, the holes in the floor patched up and the ceiling supported. By the end, it is a house that anyone would want to live in. 

That's what FTVLive is trying to do with TV news. It's time to get rid of the rotted wood and patch the holes and support the good people. 

There are enough blogs that just take a press release from a station and run it word for word. Is that Journalism? Or is it just barfing up the food the PR people give you.

It would be great if others stepped up and took on the battle to....excuse me Donald Trump.....make TV news great again. 

But right now there is only one website that is doing that. One that spends 15 hours a day, digging past the PR people's bullshit to bring the real story. There is only website that the bad TV bosses are scared of, while the good ones praise our work. 

FTVLive busts our ass breaking stories, is it too much to ask for the credit when we beat others by days, weeks or yes even months?

I don't think it is and that's all I'm asking.

 That was the end of the email, that unfortunately it fell on deaf ears.

But, it does describe what the goal of this website is. So, as I said, for some of you new people, we thought we would share it with you.