Retraction: Dispatch Says Stations are Not for Sale

Yesterday, FTVLive reported that sources told us that Dispatch Broadcast Group was having conversations about possible sale of their stations in Indianapolis (WTHR) and Columbus (WBNS).

We never said that the stations were up for sale, our sources said that there were conversations about selling.

When longtime Dispatch boss John Wolfe died, sources told FTVLive that some members of the family might want to look at selling some of the properties, which included the TV stations. 

Again, FTVLive never said that the station were for sale, only that sources said that there were some conversations about such. 

Dispatch CEO Michael Fiorile emailed FTVLive yesterday, although the email went to our spam folder and we did not see it until late, he wrote this:

Your sources are uninformed
We are not selling any of our broadcast holdings
Next time, call me directly before you publish
 Michael J. Fiorile
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dispatch says there is no truth to the story and followed up with this letter from their attorneys. 

Again, FTVLive never said the stations were for sale and we apologize for any misunderstanding. We will take Dispatch at the word, that the stations are NOT for sale and that no conversations to the such happened. 

Again, FTVLive apologizes for any inaccuracies in our orginal report.