Former KC Traffic Reporter Lands in Bean Town

Well it appears that FTVLive's favorite jersey chasing traffic Reporter is resurfacing on the East Coast.

FTVLive first told you about Kacie McDonnell who left her job in Philly to headed to Kansas City to be with her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Aaron Murray.

Well that relationship went south and while McDonnell was able to find another professional athlete to date, her TV career was not going so well. 

While at KSHB, she posted a sexy music video in which she neither sung, nor danced.

After FTVLive pointed our readers to the video, McDonnell pulled it. 

Well now we hear that  McDonnell is joining NESN in Boston as a Anchor and Reporter.

McDonnell will join the New England Sports Network in September and will appear on a number of shows.  

 The jersey chasing Traffic Reporter has landed a sports's like fate.

McDonnell has already been seen sporting a Red Sox ball cap on her Twitter page (which she blocked FTVLive from).

If I was Gisele Bundchen, I would start keeping a closer eye on her husband Tom Brady and his deflated balls. 

Just saying....