Credit, Where Credit is Due

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Sinclair owned WJLA did a story on a person that was pooping on Arlington VA. playgrounds.

The story was first reported by, an Arlington VA. based website, but WJLA did not credit the site with breaking the story. 

The no credit thing is a sore spot for FTVLive (it happens to us all the time) and we don't like it happening to other websites either. 

After FTVLive's story, sources tell us that there were a number of closed door meeting at WJLA and the pooper story on WJLA's website has now edited the story and linked to ARLNow. 

We're happy that we could help get this shit cleaned up (OK....did you see what I did there?). 

Now if we could only get TV news check and others to do the same for us.