Chicago Station Adds Investigative Sports Reporter

While many stations are finally bringing back Investigative Reporters in their news departments, one Chicago station is taking it a step further. 

NBC O&O, WMAQ is creating the positions of a Sports Investigative Reporter. This likely may be the first at a local station in the entire country. 

WMAQ is moving Sports Reporter Peggy Kusinski away from the daily sports reporting and letting her focus on investigative and in-depth sports stories for WMAQ's newscasts and “Sports Sunday.”

“Peggy has developed many sources and story ideas during her years on the daily beat,” Frank Whittaker, station manager and vice president of news at NBC 5, said in an email to staff. “She’s ready to put them to good use.”

“I’ve covered the Bears for 24 years and one Super Bowl appearance, from Ditka to Wannstedt, Lovie to Trestman, and now John Fox,” Kusinski said in response to a request for comment Monday. “I’ve been blessed to cover three Bulls NBA Championships, three Blackhawks Stanley Cups, one White Sox World Series and will be there for NBC 5 as the Cubs march through the postseason this year. Throw in three Olympics I’ve covered elsewhere and I’ve pretty much done everything in sports — except investigative!

“NBC 5 is giving me the opportunity to step back from the daily grind, or as I say, ‘jump off the wheel,’ and focus instead on fewer stories with a bigger impact.”

Hats off to WMAQ for going where no local station has gone before. It's refreshing to see a station step outside the box. 

H/T Robert Feder