GM Out in Indianapolis

Almost 2 years to the day that he was named General Manager, WISH Les Vann is out.

Vann was named the GM of WISH in August 2014. At the time the station was a CBS affiliate, but CBS dropped their affiliation and  the station went independent. 

Vann is leaving the station for an undisclosed job and is out the door with no two weeks notice. 

Vann is one of the few GM's that has his own personal website. After looking at the photo on his website, we might add a personal wardrobe consultant to the payroll as well. Although, we are we kidding, we live our entire life in shorts T-shirt and flip-flops (or Donald Trump's as we like to call them). 

Anyway, no word yet where Vann is going, but guessing there is no two weeks notice and he's already out the door, we betting it is a competitor of some kind. 

Stay tuned....