Searching for the Snitch

It seems that FTVLive's favorite GM, WTSP's Elliott Wiser has been busy trying to find out who has been leaking information to FTVLive.

Wiser had the Tegna corporate HR people fly into Tampa to try and help him find the snitch(es).

Word is that Wiser had the Tegna IT people go through all the work computers to see if any one of them sent emails to FTVLive. 

Needless to say, Wiser was a bit surprised when he was told only emails to FTVLive came from his  computer. 


Now you would think that Wiser might be spending more time try to raise his station's ratings. Also, maybe if he didn't try and bully his staff, they would not have to send FTVLive the stories. Treat people fair and with respect and you might be surprised at how well they respond.

Also, people in TV news are smart enough to send FTVLive tips from their personal phones or computers. And last we looked, this is still the United States and Wiser can't access those. 

In the 16 years of doing FTVLive we have never had as many complaints, calls, emails and texts as we get about Elliott Wiser. 

As good as a company that Tegna is, it seems odd that they would let one of their GM's treat their employees this way. 

Wiser seems more like a Nexstar GM then he does a Tegna guy. 

Just saying....