Columbus Station in the Eye Of the Storm After Pre-empting Olympics

The Summer Olympics happen every 4 years and even though the ratings have been down a bit, it is still a ratings juggernaut. 

NBC stations have reaped the benefits of getting higher ratings and viewer sampling. But one Columbus station is catching a lot of heat for breaking into Olympic Coverage. 

When severe hits stations have a duty to inform viewers of the storm and warn them that nasty weather could be headed their way. 

As to how they give viewers information, that is the big question. 

WCMH in Columbus was faced with that problem during NBC's Olympic coverage.

Now, it would seem that the best way to handle this situation would be have your Weather Anchor break in, tell viewers what is happening and then keep them informed with a crawl on the screen. At the least go picture in picture, so viewers can still see what is happening at the Olympics.  

Many times when a Meteorologist breaks into programing, they feel it is their time to shine and they highjack the channel with information that is being repeated over and over again. 

Needless to say viewers were not happy with how WCMH bumped the Olympics for repetitive weather coverage. 

Hundreds of viewers took to social media and the phone in the newsroom was ringing non-stop with viewer complaints. 

Here is just a small sample of some very upset viewers: