Great.... Someone Else That Won't Return Our Phone Calls

As most you you know by now, FTVLive is not a website that just regurgitates press releases like the others.

We do our best to bypass the PR people and bring you the real news from the people that actually, you know, work in the newsroom. 

The PR people are just going to give you half truths and a bunch of spin and let's be honest, often when you are breaking news, they won't even call you back. 

MSNBC sent us a press release on their latest hire in the communications department.

The network announced that they have hired Errol Cockfield to the position of Senior Vice President of MSNBC Communications.
Cockfield will be responsible for setting the communications and media strategy for MSNBC and partnering with editorial and business leads at the network. Additionally, he will serve as lead spokesperson for MSNBC and never return FTVLive's phone calls.

OK. maybe I made up the last part, but we're just going off past experience with NBC (KNBC's Terri Hernandez Rosales anyone?).

Cockfield will be based in New York and report directly to Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC.