Signing Off in Indianapolis

Two longtime Indianapolis Reporters have decided to pack it in and put TV news in the rear view. 

WRTV Senior reporter Jack Rinehart retired after nearly 41 years on the air. 

27 year TV news veteran Kris Kirschner, who spent the last 19 with WTHR also called it quits.  

“Jack has covered the crime beat for us for many, many years, and he will be missed,” WRTV News Director Terri Cope-Walton said. “He’s covered 2,500 homicides in his time here. That’s a testament of the impact that he’s had here and his legacy.

2500 homicides is, "a testament of the impact that he’s had here"? Huh? Did he kill the people, or dod he help? I'm lost. 

OK moving on. 

“From an experience side, he will be very difficult to replace,” she added. “He has a lot of institutional knowledge and has been a tremendous asset here.”

"I'm retiring with 2,037 names in my phone," Rinehart said of his list of news sources. "That's a lot."

FTVLive has at least that many numbers, but most of ours are for take out food places and massage parlors. So we'll give Rinehart  the edge. 

Kirschner, a 50-year-old native of Indianapolis’ south side, is departing WTHR to become the public relations and media relations strategist at Community Health Network. She starts there Aug. 15, she said.

“This was completely my decision,” Kirschner told IBJ. “This is one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make.

“I am excited about this opportunity at Community,” she added. “I’m excited about this new challenge and adding to my skills. I feel like I’ll still be able to tell some great stories and add to the community.”

In a Facebook post from July 29 announcing her departure from Channel 13, Kirschner said she had mixed emotions.

“I’ve had some amazing, wonderful, disappointing, frustrating, joyful, unique experiences. It's not always been easy. But it's always been interesting. And the people I've met and worked with along the way, made me better at what I do, and who I am. I just felt it was time to try something new."

H/T Indianapolis Business Journal