Buffalo News Director Headed to KC

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that KCTV's News Director Ed Kosowski was out. Everyone else had to follow FTVLIve's lead on that story. 

Well now, we are going to be the FIRST to tell you who is replacing him. 

WIVB (Buffalo) News Director Scott Levy is going to be taking the job at KCTV. 

Here is the interla memo, obtained by FTVLive, that was sent out to the staff, from GM Rene LaSpina:

From: LaSpina, Rene
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2016 10:10 AM
To: WIVB All Users DG
Subject: Newsroom news
Good Morning all,
There have been only a few times in my career that I could say I hit the jackpot when hiring a manager. Hiring Scott Levy as our news director was one of those times. 
Congratulations are in order for Scott!  He will become the News Director for KCTV in Kansas City.  I’m sorry he is leaving us, but happy for his next career move. Scott joined us about 2 years ago; he re-invigorated our newsroom, changed how we deliver news to viewers, and created a momentum that is resonating with our viewers resulting in an uptick in our Nielsen ratings.
Please join me in congratulating Scott on his new job with Meredith!
Scott’s last day will be August 12th.

If I was one of the other News Managers that Rene hired, I might be offended by that first line.

Just saying....