Out the Door in Arizona

After a little more than a year on the job, a Tucson GM says he is "retiring."

KOLD Generala Manager Nick Ulmer joined the station in March of 2015, coming from WFIE in Evansville, Indiana. Both stations are owned by Raycom. 

The staff was told that Ulmer has decided to retire and will stay on until a replacement can be hired. 

Here is the internal email, obtained by FTVLive that was sent to the staff: 

I'm sending this note with mixed emotions as today Nick Ulmer, GM of KOLD announced his retirement to his staff. 

Nick became a member of the Raycom family when WAVE in Louisville was acquired as part of the Liberty group. He was GSM at WAVE until being promoted to Station Manager shortly after the acquisition. He served in that capacity until he accepted his first GM opportunity in Evansville where he built a solid team and successful business which led to his promotion to KOLD.

In Tucson Nick has once again built a solid management team by hiring and on boarding several key department manager positions.  The station's ratings have seen upward momentum under his leadership. His patient focus has helped lead the station in a competitive and financially challenging market. In summary, like every station where he has served in a leadership capacity, KOLD is better because he has been there.

Nick is a friend to me and almost everyone with whom he comes in contact. Because of this there are feelings of sadness. But also as a friend it feels good to see a man of his character, integrity and caliber of leadership wrap up a career with so many accomplishments and close relationships.

I am grateful for everything Nick has done for KOLD. And equally grateful that he has agreed to stay on to insure a smooth transition as a search for his replacement begins immediately.