Sucking Up to the Bosses

You know when the News Director makes a trip to corporate and you really hope he is going to tell the higher ups all the shit that wrong with the station and what needs to be done?

Yeah, that only happens in the movies. 

WOAI News Director Blaise Labbe made a trip up to the Sinclair mothership and if you were thinking he was going to lay down the law, you got this instead:

Yep, just a kiss up to the bosses and a hug from a mascot. 

Now, before WOAI GM John Seabers starts a full investigation into who leaked Labbe's suck up trip? Let's just save you some time. It was posted to his Facebook page and no one inside the station leaked it. 

Now, someone inside the station did tell us that Labbe doesn't really like working for Seabers, but we could not confirm that news.

So, we won't report that from one of our many sources inside the WOAI station. You know, until we can confirm it.