Hannity vs. Stelter How is it Possible to Pick a Winner?

Rooting for a winner in a fight between Fox News host Sean Hannity and CNN media critic Brian Stelter is like rooting for a winner between cancer and aids.

It's very difficult to pick who you want to win. 

Stelter called out Hannity out for his boldface lies about Hillary Clinton's health. 

You can feel, that Stelter even writes his "sighs" into the teleprompter. But that's a whole other story. 

Anyway, Hannity appeared on Fox and Friends via phone (really?) and called Stelter a ""little pipsqueak." But, he did not answer any of Stelter's claims about Hannity's bullshit rants. 

There is no doubt in this battle, Stelter is dead on with what he is saying, but yet, It's still hard to root for the guy. 

As many inside CNN say, "Brian Stelter has the biggest ego they have ever seen." And inside the halls of CNN, that's saying a lot.