Calling Out Those that Deserve It

FTVLive has sat idly by and watched the other guys rip off story after story from us and and didn't say anything. 

But, as we told you, it's time to start calling out the those that are neither professional or ethical. 

Let's give another example. 

Last week, FTVLive FIRST told you that former WBZ News Director Gary LaPlante had taken a new job across the street at WHDH as EP. 

Not the most earth shattering news, but it is not often that you see a News Director cross the street in the same market for a lesser job. So, we reported the story and did so before anyone else. 

Then this week, TV spy reported the news and gave no credit to FTVLive for first reporting a story. TV spy seems to make it a practice to report who first reported the story, except when it is in the case of FTVLive. 

This morning, TV news check finally reported the story 5 days after FTVLive first did so. Who do they credit? TV spy. 

This bullshit has become common practice from a website that does little of their own reporting. Now, you might think maybe TV news check just doesn't read FTVLive. 

Well then....why did the editor of TV news check Harry Jessell send us this email years ago? 

Many times we have emailed TV news check editor Harry Jessell and asked him why he does not give FTVLive credit on a story that we broke first? Here is his reply to that email: 

Bullshit! His site does not give credit where credit is due and now FTVLive is calling out these people.

As Popeye says, "I have taken all I can stands and I can't stands no more."

We will continue to call out these people until they do the right thing, which likely means, we will continue to call out these people. 

So, Today post was director at TV spy and TV news check, as for the others?