Your Chance to Work with Kenny

Look, we totally understand that TV news is filled with big egos and it more or less comes with the territory.

But, most often the biggest ego is reserved for and Anchor and not the News Director. 

Look this job ad for NBC in Boston. 

The ad is for a Managing Editor job and this is a portion of the ad: 

NBCU is launching an NBC Owned Station in Boston, adding to NECN and Telemundo Boston to become an even stronger news organization in the Boston market! Kenny Plotnik, VP of News, is one of the most experienced news leaders in the country. Become a part of history and join the NBC Boston Team! 

The sad thing is you know that Kenny Plotnick signed off on this ad. 

So gang....this is your chance to work with the one and only Kenny Plotnick. 

No matter how big the anchor egos are at the station, you can be assured that Kenny's is bigger. This job posting is proof of that. 

Just saying....