Today's FTVLive is a hurried version as I am trying to make an 8AM tee time at a golf course that is over an hour away. 

After not playing golf for the past 40 days, I was an alternate to get into the Gate PGA Invitational. 

I have been doing physical therapy for over a month on a very sore right arm. It had gotten so bad, they I could not lift a can of Coke with my right arm. I had a choice of 6 weeks of intense PT or surgery. I went with the PT and although my arm feels better now, still not at 100%. 

I was entered in this tournament, but sat on the alternate list and it did not look like I would be getting in. 

I have a tournament next week and I was hoping that I could use this event as kind of a warm up, being that I haven't played golf in quite awhile. 

I got the call late on Saturday that I was in. So, I pay ed yesterday and shot 78, there is a lot of rust on this game. I'm supposed to play both Today and Tomorrow, but to be honest, Today might be all that my arm can take. Yes that picture is of the course I'm playing Today (tough life, I know). 

So, I have uploaded a quick few stories and will try to get to others later. But, I didn't want to leave you guys hanging with nothing on this Monday. 

So, settle in read and let's hope my arm can hold up on the course. Plus, I need that arm to pat myself on the back for breaking so many stories.  

Just saying....