Oh...It Was a Joke HA HA

Donald Trump is now trying to back away from his claims where he called, President Obama and Hillary Clinton the founders of ISIS.

Yes he said, but now he says that it was just sarcasm and he blames CNN for not getting his jokes.

Early this morning Trumped tweeted this: 

Well, guess what Donnie boy? You good friend Greta Van Susteren obviously did not get you "sarcasm" either. 

Even worse, most in Greta's poll (we're still shocked she did this poll) said that, "No" Trump did not go far enough. 

So while Trump tries to play off his horrific remarks as a joke, it seems he was the only one that got it. 

Later this morning, he tweeted this:

No one can and that is what should scare the shit out of people. 

But, to Trump's credit, he has gone a couple of days without encouraging anyone to shoot his opponent. 

This guy really does appear to have some major problems and his insecurity and thin skin are at the top of the list . SAD!