Headed to Houston

KHOU has hired a new Weather Anchor.

The station hired Houston native Blake Mathews to anchor weekend weather on the newscast.

For the past five years, Mathews has worked at WJXT Jacksonville, Florida as a meteorologist/weather producer. Huh? FTVLive has never seen this guy. 

Maybe this explains it:

"As many of you know I am not a permanent fixture on the air (at WJXT)," Mathews wrote viewers on his Facebook page. "My time is mostly spent behind the scenes. In order for me to be successful in my career, I deemed it important to be on the air full time and that's what I've decided to pursue."

Before that, Mathews worked as an assignments editor at KPRC 2 for almost year.

"When I moved [to Florida] nearly 5 years ago, I didn't think I could do it," Mathews wrote. "I had never lived more than 80 miles from my parents so this was a big adjustment. I learned a lot about myself and made lots of friends who have become my family."

Mathews starts at KHOU on September 6.

H/T Mike McGuff