Donors Accuse Chris Hansen of Scamming Them

When Chris Hansen left NBC after word surfaced that he was having an affair with a local TV news reporter, his "To Catch a Predator " was no more. 

Hansen decided to try and crowd fund a new project called "Hanson vs. Predator" and set up a donor page on the internet. 

Hanson ended up getting his money and more. 

As part of the deal, Hansen promised that donors would receive items like coffee mugs, t-shirts, signed books, credits on the show, personalized videos, and parties. Backers gave him anything from $20 to $2,000.

But, it appears that Hansen might have taken the money and run. Law Newz says that despite Hansen’s promise that the rewards would be shipped by December 2015, donors say they haven’t received a thing.  Hansen said he finished filming one sting which nabbed 10 alleged sexual predators, but no footage of the sting has emerged yet. Some are even threatening legal action.

“You deal with kickstarter to help these people out.. to get screwed over by someone you’ve seen on tv.. kind of hurts,” Eric Cohen, who donated to the project, told Cohen said he has sent several emails to Hansen’s office, and hasn’t heard back.

In April, Hansen posted an update on the website: “Thank you for being so patient as we are now finally getting to bring your rewards to you. Now that the investigation is in post-production, our team is working hard to make sure each one of you receives your rewards.”

Moths later, that has yet to happen.

Chris, why don't you have a seat over there.... (OK, did you see what I did there?)