Screw the Mexicans and the Muslims, but Save Marcel Marceau

Two nights ago, Donald Trump sat down with Sean Hannity on Fox News. Hannity lobbed softball after softball in his direction and even helped Trump swing the bat. 

Trump appears to only be doing interviews with his besties now and so last night he sat down with Greta Van Susteren, again on Fox News.

We figure that once again, Trump would be pitched some slow moving softballs that he could easily hit. 

But no, Greta was able to get Trump to admit that Hillary Clinton is targeting people just like he is. 

Of course, Trump is hell bent on getting rid of the Muslims and the Mexicans, but Hillary has her targets as well. 

My God, Clinton wants to put Mimes out of business. 

The worst part, they wouldn't even be able to speak up about this travesty.