On the Trail With Donald Trump

NBC's Katy Tur writes piece for Marie Claire talking about her past year covering the Donald Trump campaign.

You can read the entire article here, but we want to show you a part of the story where Tur talks about the first time she landed a one on one with Trump.

"I asked (Hope) Hicks for an exclusive interview with Mr. Trump. A week later, Trump agreed. I panicked. I was known as a dogged, unflappable live reporter, the kind who runs barefoot to the camera, high heels in one hand, notebook in the other. Most recently, I'd spent months covering airline disasters in Asia and Europe, from the downing of MH17 to the disappearance of MH370 and the murder-suicide of Germanwings.

But I was not a political reporter, and I didn't know much about Trump. With one night to prepare, I read until my eyes crossed and took notes until my fingers cramped. I also bought a pair of Jimmy Choos to feel powerful."

OK, I'm guessing (and yes this is a guess) that Jimmy Choos are shoes. Right? 

And women buy shoes to "feel powerful"?

OK ladies....I love ya, but I sure as hell will never understand you. 

But, I can assure you that NO GUY has ever looked a women's shoes and thought, "wow that is a powerful women."

Just saying.....