Look Who's Back on the Job

A week ago, FTVLive FIRST told you about the bank robber in Kingman, AZ that was wearing a Tegna hat as he demanded the money from the teller.

Well, the Tegna Robber has hit again.

According to the FBI, the Tegna bandit knocked off a bank in Peoria, AZ and he was once again wearing his Tegna hat that he got in the buyout (OK maybe that isn't true). 

The funny part of all this? After the first bank job, the thief was slugged by police as the "Tegna Robber". But, after his latest robbery, they are now calling him the "Cyclical Bandit".

Gee....do you think the FBI got a call from Tegna Corporate PR, asking for a name change?

I'm guessing yes.