1000 Miles From the Story

As the would be spiderman was climbing Trump Tower in New York, 1000 miles away FTVLive was watching the stream on our Mac. 

Like most people, it was one of those things, that wasn't all that exciting, but you couldn't take your eyes off of it. 

We tweeted out a few jokes and then we started wondering, why the hell is guy doing this? 

So, in between our joke tweets, we started doing some digging on the same computer we were watching the live stream. 

While CNN's Wolf Blitzer was spouting out things like, "He's going to be charged with some serious charges" FTVLive was searching online and ran across this video, that was posted the day before of a guy talking about climbing Trump Tower.

At the time the YouTube video only had 38 viewers (it now has over 700,000). But, after then searching Twitter for pictures of the climber. We found a good picture and there was little doubt that the guy on the video and the guy that was currently climbing Trump Tower were one in the same. 

FTVLive tweeted out the information and then posted to our site. 

At that point, 1000 miles from the scene FTVLive was providing more information that any network or TV station on the scene. 

People started tweeting and retweeting our information. Journalists from around the country were emailing us, asking us for info?

It didn't show how good FTVLive was (although were are pretty damn good), but it showed how Journalist need to rethink how they cover stories. 

Back in the day (here I go again) we never had the power of a computer that could do instant searches. You could not break news 1000 miles away from scene. But, you can do that Today and TV Reporters need to learn that and put it into practice. 

Some guy tweeting Sean Hannity jokes and eating Taco Bell at his desk in Florida should not be the person telling the TV people what is happening. It should be the other way around. 

After spiderman was taken into custody by police, Wolf Blitzer had this to say, ""This could have ended very differently." 

Ugh....Wolf is the worst.