We have to Go There....

Call it tooting our own horn, bragging or just dropping a truth bomb, but we have to go there.

FTVLive tries to give you the best coverage of what is happening in TV newsrooms and networks around the county. We do that, by relying very little on station's PR people. Many won't return our calls anyway. 

FTVLive tunnels past the corporate bullshit and into the newsroom, using sources and tipsters to do just that. 

FTVLive is often first with the story and it seems to be a very sore sticking point with the people that try to compete with us. 

The story of the Executive Producer from the Fox O&O in Orlando being arrested on child porn charges was on FTVLive 3 or 4 days before you saw the story on the other websites. Did they credit FTVLive for breaking the news? Of course not. 

It happens time and time again. You will see a site like one of those at MediaBistro (or whatever it is now) report a story and then say, "So and so was the first to report the story." Of course if that so and so happens to be FTVLive, there is no credit, no mention, no nothing. 

As FTVLive readers know, we are fanatical about giving credit to the source of our stories. It is the right thing to do and we do it. 

So why don't the other guys do the same with FTVLive? Mainly it is jealousy. They can't stand the fact that this single person website kicks their ass on a daily basis, even though they have a staff  working for them. We only have a staff of one, if we count Rory and let's be honest, other than hanging out and looking cute as a button, he really doesn't do much work. 

Right now, you can check the top of the MediaBistro site and see that their story is about WEWS Reporter Homa Bash leaving the station and heading to Dallas. 

FTVLive reported that same story last month.  Any credit to FTVLive? No. Props for reporting it first? Na.

Other sites just steal stories directly from FTVLive and give us no credit. Frustrating? You bet and although we know that you know, it still pisses us off. 

We can sit back and watch it happen day after day for quite a longtime. But then we just have to speak up. It's time to start calling out the names like Harry Jessell and all the others. 

We work hard and try to do a bit more work than just read the press release or bounce on over to the newspaper website. Maybe you guys can start doing the same or start giving the proper credit. 

Just a thought....