More on Gray Television's Friday Bloodbath

FTVLive told you on Friday that Gray Television was swing the axe across their stations.

We told you that around 10 people were sacked at WDBJ. Looks like the same number of people people were sent packing at KSPR in Springfield, MO. 

We also hear that 11 people were pink slipped at KWCH (Wichita) lat week as well. Gray has not responded to reports about the cuts, but it seems that most stations were told to get rid of around 10 people. 

Sadly, this is more than likely a sign of things to come in the next year of TV news. TV stations know that 2017 is going to be a lean year and it is likely that you will see more layoffs across station groups.

Layoffs are never easy, but let's hope when other groups are faced with the task, they do a better job of informing people than Gray has done. 

Why can't a station group, inform employees that the company needs to make some cuts and layoffs will be coming in the next couple of weeks? Explain how many people are likely to be cut from each station and then when the cuts are over, tell those that survived the layoffs, so they can quit freaking out.

I never understood why management can not be upfront and honest with the staff.