Life After TV News...

Former Anchor Eric Halvorson, who lost his job at WISH (Indianapolis) late last year after 32 years, has landed a new gig.

Halvorson is the new public affairs manager and media spokesman for Kroger, the Cincinnati-based company. Kroger has 136 groceries, 114 pharmacies and 77 gas stations in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Michigan.

Halvorson was lead anchor at WISH when he left the station in early October at age 57. The station decided not to renew his contract for undisclosed reasons.

At the time, Halvorson said he suspected WISH officials didn’t want to pay him what a 32-year television news veteran typically commands or didn’t want to deal with all the vacation time he had accumulated.

The station also made numerous personnel changes last year after it lost its affiliation with CBS.

“I’m going to call myself collateral damage from the CBS departure,” Halvorson said.

H/T Indianapolis Business Journal