Devlin's KDKA Set Wins ProMax Award


The Devlin Design Group has been on a roll when it comes to racking up awards for their news sets. 

For the third consecutive year, Devlin won the prestigious PromaxBDA Gold Award for Set Design.

This year’s winning entry was the set designed for KDKA, the CBS O&O in Pittsburgh.  The highest award for broadcast design, is the PromaxBDA ‘Gold Award’.

For decades, the PromaxBDA Awards have provided a platform where designers can measure themselves against the top names in the industry.

The gold award winning KDKA set also nabbed ‘Set of the Year’, announced at this year’s NAB show in April.

This was the fifth consecutive win for Team DDG! 

“We are thrilled to accomplish our clients’  objective in this project. Team DDG isespecially honored to receive the PromaxBDA Gold Award, and Newscast Studio’ s Set of the Year trophy for our work at KDKA," said Diane Fiolek Creative Services Director for Devlin.