Dallas Station Scramble to Cover Police Officer Shootings

It started as a peaceful protest and ended as anything but.

11 officers are shot, 5 killed. 1 suspect is killed and 3 are in police custody. 

Here is video from WFAA in Dallas as the first shots are fired. You don't see or hear the shots, but protestors start running as the bullets begin to fly. 

The video shows the early chaos at the scene as officers do their best to get people away safety.

KDFW cameras were at Parkland Hospital as the bodies of the dead officers are taken away.  

The story quickly went national as the cable nets went wall to wall with the story. But, the Dallas stations coverage was top notch and watching their live streams was better than anything the cable nets were offering. 

WFAA kept a running updated page on their website with the latest. The page included information, pictures and video shot by both the station and by viewers. 

KDFW obtained cellphone video of one of the gunman firing at police.

Once again it showed that when the big story hits, local is the best place to watch it. They have more crews, no the area and better contacts. 

How important was local news in covering this shooting? The Dallas Police on the street were asking news crews for information on what was happening.

It was one of those times when a newsroom is running on pure adrenaline. It is local TV news at its best.