But You Said....

In 2015, Gretchen Carlson released a book called "Getting Real."

In the book, Carlson heaps big praise on Fox News boss Roger Ailes. She wrote," “I thought Ailes was brilliant. “He was the first person in the television world to put opinion shows in prime time and it was working.”

Adding, “In person, Roger was razor sharp and inscrutable and we seemed to have a real connection,” Carlson added. “He saw something in me that he liked — what he called my ‘killer instinct.’ He once noted that I would stop at nothing to do the job. He got me. Over the years I’ve come to value our time together. He encourages me to be myself, to relax and to not try so hard to look smart. ‘People know you’re smart,’ he says.”

Now, Carlson is claiming that Ailes sexually harassed her. So, the question is, was she "getting real" in the book, or is she "getting real" now? 

She makes claims of Ailes harassment that go back long before she wrote the book. So, why did she praise he boss in the book and is suing him now?

Stay tuned....