Ailes Story Disappears from Drudge, Nowhere to be Found on Others

To prove how powerful Roger Ailes is over the conservative media and not just Fox News, take a look at the Drudge Report. 

Earlier this morning, Drudge had one simple link to the Ailes sexual harassment story, by 10AM this morning there was not a single story on Drudge's site about the Ailes' lawsuit. 

Again, if that was Jeff Zucker being sued, or Andy Lack you can be that Drudge would have not one, but several links and most likely his flashing light. But, it's if the Gretchen Carlson vs. Roger Ailes story never existed. 

As FTVLive told you this morning, you won't find the Ailes controversy in the NY Post either. Fox News and the Post share the same owner.

We also reported that the story is missing on TMZ. A story that is tailor fit for the gossip blog and yet it's nowhere to be found. As FTVLive reported, TMZ's TV show aires on the Fox O&O's and it looks like they want that to continue.

Greta van Susteren who comments on just about everything and has been a staunch Ailes supporter has made no mention of this on her Twitter. 

Another conservative blog is The Daily Caller....try finding the Ailes story on that site. 

It is THE biggest story in the media right now and if you turn to the conservative media, it's like it doesn't even exist. 

This shows either the power of or the complete fear the conservative media has from Roger Ailes. 

A huge story that could rock Fox News to the core and all you get is crickets from the right.