Book Talked about the Claims of Ailes' Sexism

When Gabriel Sherman wrote the book, "The Loudest Voice in the Room" he talked about Roger pattern of misogyny and sexism.

Now that former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson has sued Ailes for sexual harassment, Sherman's book could become a key in the he said, she said battle in the media and the courtroom (if it ever gets that far).

Sherman's book talked about Ailes' obsession with displaying his female anchors' legs on Fox programs. The topic of the dress code and makeup of Fox News' female personalities has long been the subject of scrutiny among writers.

In addition Sherman makes the allegation that Ailes once offered to increase a female producer's salary in exchange for sex, Sherman's book features several examples of Ailes' sexism. 

Sherman reports that while interviewing a prospective employee for NBC's Tomorrow, a show he was producing, Ailes "posed romantically suggestive questions and made flirtatious comments" to a woman, who told him it made her feel "uncomfortable":

Unbeknownst to Harrison, Shelley Ross, a former newspaper reporter turned television producer, experienced an interview in which Ailes posed romantically suggestive questions and made flirtatious comments about her appearance. "This is making me uncomfortable," Ross recalled telling Ailes.

On page 389 of the book, Sherman talks about Ailes and an incident involving Carlson. 

When Gretchen Carlson's name came up, Ailes pointed out she was once Miss America, then added, "It must not have been a good year."

Word is that the Fox News suits are still circling the wagons, trying to figure out their defense and their plan of attack. 

There is no doubt, Carlson's lawsuit has sent shockwaves through Fox News. 

"It's very quiet here," said one Fox News staffer to FTVLive.

But it just might be the quiet before the storm.

Stay tuned.....