Wendy Bell Eats with the Black Folks (Then Deletes it)

Fired Pittsburgh Anchor Wendy Bell has delated another Facebook post. 

You may remember that Bell was sacked from her WTAE Anchor job after a racist post to Facebook, in which she edited, edited again and then deleted. 

Bell was fired from her job and has since sued her old station claiming that if she black, she never would have been fired. 

After getting some backlash over her lawsuit and throwing her co-workers under the bus, Bell decided to try a new approach. 

She decided to go to The Dream BBQ, a restaurant located in Pittsburgh’s predominately black Homewood neighborhood.

We're guessing that this was her way of trying to show she was not a racist. In fact, just to make sure everyone knew that Bell ate with Blacks, she posted video of her trip to the restaurant on her Facebook page. 

Needless to say, the feedback wasn't what Bell expected and she deleted the video. “See! I can’t be racist if I love these black-ass wing dings in this black-ass neighborhood.” Damon Young wrote in GQ about what he thought Bell was thinking. 

Young writes in the article, just to remind everyone of exactly how pervasive her Peak Whiteness is, in June she levied a lawsuit against her former station, claiming that she wouldn’t have gotten fired if she was Black or happened to be referring to white criminals in her Facebook screed. When distilled, this is ultimately her suing for the right to be an employed racist. Which is past peak Whiteness and into some type of gravitational time-dilation Schwarzschild coordinate whiteness. Wendy Bell is so White she invented a new standard of Whiteness. Wendy Bell is an event horizon.

She seriously doesn't have a clue does she?